Top 3 Egg Donor Agencies

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February 2017

Top 3 Egg Donor Agencies

Choosing the right agency is always of the greatest importance.Today we will reveal top 3 egg donor agencies in the world, but first of all, we have to define our “rules”. When we are talking about professional agencies, it’s pretty obvious that most of them have pretty big donor databases and are doing their job successfully. Choosing the best of best of course includes agency’s individual and careful approach towards each of the patients.


However, apart from reliability and availability, we decided to add more criterias while choosing the best ones:


  • Agency provides not only anonymous, but known donors as well.
  • Agency has travelling egg donors.
  • Agency’s database includes donors from different ethnic groups.


Egg donors from the top agencies travel all around the world upon patients’ requests and needs. These agencies have years of experience in handling tasks even abroad and until today maintain a very good reputation among colleagues and intended parents. Moreover, they treat their egg donors with great care and attention, which is also a huge step forward to success.


New Life Egg Donor Agency

We have granted the honourable top position to this agency, because since 2008 their egg donors have travelled literally all around the world. Their database includes :

  • Ukrainian egg donors
  • Polish egg donors
  • South African egg donors
  • Black African egg donors
  • Chinese egg donors  
  • Thai egg donors
  • Indian egg donors
  • Caucasian egg donors


Global Egg Donor Agency

Global Egg Donors may not have such a various choice in Asian donors, but their steadily good reputation and the years of experience with travelling donors indeed deserve our top ranking and appreciation.



Nurture egg donor program is doing amazingly well, with great service and responsibility they are always at patient’s disposal. However, their databases only include donors from South Africa and United Kingdom.


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