Best Gay Parenting Movies and Books

A certain part of the society still doubts the ability of same-sex couples  to be successful parents. To prove the prejudices wrong, a lot of great movies and books have been created to depict the reality.  Some of them are a hilarious representation of different situations, another part, on the other hand, gives information and suggestions based on real experiences and surveys.



Movies we have chosen describe stories in a very interesting way. Very entertaining and enchanting to watch, while questioning the beliefs present in the part of the society.


Modern family (Mitch and Cam)

Modern family is a popular American TV series. While picturing the family life in a very delightful way, one can not ignore how honestly the episodes capture the reality and struggles every family faces at some moment. Heroes Mitch and Cam are two gay males living in a committed relationship. Gradually, they decide to experience the joy of parenthood and give their love and affection to the baby.

Mitch and Cam indeed become very caring and attentive parents.

You can watch the moments with Cam and Mitch here.


The new normal

Movie tells a story of Bryan and David, a loving gay couple deciding they are ready for parenthood. Accompanied with humour, the story describes their journey to finding a surrogate mother and emotional expectations of a positive pregnancy test.

You can watch the movie trailer here.


Breakfast with Scot

When Tom and Ben first realize that they have to become parents to Scot, it comes out as an unexpected surprise. Not yet being sure whether the couple wants to raise a kid, they gradually find themselves very involved and responsible for a 6 year old kid.

You can watch the movie trailer here.


Patrik, age 1.5

Finally a Swedish, same-sex couple has the opportunity to adopt a child. However, because of a mistake, instead of 1.5 year old little Patrick, they happen to adopt a 15 year old boy. The situation gets strained when Patrick, who is not a child at all, happens to be a delinquent teenager, with homophobic views. On their tough journey on cohabitation, all three heroes manage to learn a lot from each other.

You can watch the movie trailer here.




Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Parents and Their Families

The book consists of interviews and photographs of LGBT parents who share own and their children’s stories. They speak about the struggles with society’s pressure (concerning their orientation or ethnicity background)  and their observations of what actually matters to have a family full of respect and love.

You can read more details & buy the book here.


Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood

The book tells about 25 different gay parents who describe their hard way to successful parenthood. “Gay dads” is a proof that a huge number of children are raised in loving families, where they are either born or adopted by gay parents.

You can read more details & buy the book here.


Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children: Research on the Family Life Cycle

Parenthood recommendations and research-based profound overview of same-sex couples: their relationships, ways they settle down as families and obstacles they face as couples during parenting. The results of the research are represented both : quantitatively and qualitatively.

You can read more details & buy the book here.


Surrogacy Destinations where Gay Parents are most Welcome

Surrogacy legislation is the matter of constant change. For intended parents, there are a lot of attractive destinations. However, when it comes to choosing one, the process doesn’t seem as simple anymore. Unfortunately, surrogacy destinations are more limited for LGBT parents. We would like to present places, where gay parents are most welcome to complete their journey to parenthood.


The United States

Surrogacy in the United States varies from state to state. In one country, there are places where surrogacy either is banned, not regulated or accepted. Additionally in some states surrogacy is accepted for heterosexual or/and married couples only. However, luckily, there are states where gay parents are wholeheartedly welcome too. Currently, the most surrogacy, as well as same-sex friendly state is sunny California.

Unfortunately, surrogacy costs in the USA may fall in between the price range of 100 000 – 200 000 USD. For that reason, it is not an affordable option for many parents.



Similar to the United States, Mexico consists of several states and each has it’s own legislation. A number agencies in Mexico are leading surrogacy programs successfully and  are happy to treat patients independent from their sexual orientation. Mostly, they are operating in Cancun and Mexico City. Surrogacy there, is not regulated by the law and is neither legal, nor illegal.

Cancun is definitely a dreamy destination for vacation and for investors accordingly. Due to the increasing number of clinics and foreign investments, compared to the  past 3 years the success rate of In Vitro Clinics has grown significantly. Surrogacy prices in Mexico are significantly lower than in the USA.



Gay parents have been friendly welcomed in southeast asian countries. Not a long ago, surrogacy was banned in most popular destinations – Cambodia and Thailand. However, southeast Asia is not losing the status of cost effective and same-sex friendly surrogacy destination.  Lately, Laos has emerged as a popular surrogacy destination and is likely to substitute Cambodia and Thailand.  A lot of professional doctors have already moved to Laos from neighbouring countries and continue their successful fertility treatments there. 



Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya has become a very actual topic in the field of fertility. Branches of professional surrogacy agencies are operating with amazing success rate in the capital city – Nairobi. We will introduce some important details about surrogacy in Kenya and figure out why or whether it is a practical destination choice.



Surrogacy in Kenya is not regulated by the law. This means that there is no act that either restricts or supports intended parents. Lack of regulations allow surrogacy agencies to act more flexibly and adjust their actions to individual needs of each patient.  Single, married and LGBT parents are all welcome  by agencies and clinics in Kenya.

Parents do not have to worry that absence of law will complicate the process of getting the birth certificate. While it is fairly simple in countries where surrogacy is legal( e.g: Ukraine,Georgia) , in Kenya parents have to go through an additional procedure. The surrogate mother signs the affidavit  relinquishing all her rights and gives custody to the genetic father. However, this is not problematic. Surrogate mothers are not likely at all to keep the child. They are providing a great help to infertile couples, but at the same time their motivation behind this action is their monetary interest. They have to improve lives of them and their families. For that reason, they will no doubt give parenthood to intended parents.


Quality of Service

Recently  there has been a lot of changes in the field of surrogacy worldwide. A lot countries, including India, banned it. We can say that this fact turned out somewhat advantageous for Kenya.  Indian doctors, who used to be successful when surrogacy was legal in India, are now owners of clinics in Nairobi. Thanks to professionalism of these doctors, parents do not have to worry about success rate and quality. Same applies to maternity hospitals. Of course IVF clinics are well equipped and enjoy well deserved good reputation. The last but not least, as we have already mentioned in the beginning, professional and experienced surrogacy agencies now offer their service in Kenya as well – most of them having  huge egg donor databases. Everything for the most affordable prices.


Nairobi , the capital city of Kenya,  is developed and modern – even closer to European cities than some cities in Southeast Asia. Travelling there is safe and a pleasant experience. Parents can even combine their visit with unforgettable safari holidays.


From everything we listed, we can now sum up the information.


  • Service is available to single and gay parents
  • Quality of service  and success rate are high
  • City is safe, modern and developed
  • Prices are realistic and affordable


  • Intended parents need consent of a surrogate mother


Verdict:  Summarizing all pros and cons, we can tell that Kenya is an attractive option to consider. While parents may have some doubts about adoption procedure, surrogacy agencies are responsible for guaranteeing in advance that there will be no problems with the surrogate mother(that is what professional agencies do). Kenya is also one of the most cost effective options not to mention that lately we have faced  lack of destinations for single and gay parents.


LGBT Parenthood

While there are a lot of people doubting LGBT couples’ ability to provide good parenthood, studies reveal that they are completely wrong. What really matters for children is attention, friendly relationship with parents and the opportunities they provide. Children’s needs go far beyond the sexual orientation of parents. For that reason, LGBT parenthood has the potential to be as successful, as any other one.


Psychologists lead a number of researches on gay and lesbian parenting. Studies suggest that LGBT couples are very motivated, excited and committed parents. Reason behind such a thrilled attitude and involvement is that they never become parents by accident -sometimes unlike  the situation with heterosexual parents. While many couples fight selflessly with infertility, it happens that  pregnancy may be accidental and unforeseen process for some different-sex couples. Same-sex couples plan parenting in advance, consider all possible options and destinations to fulfill their dream.


When researchers compared academic success and mental health of children with LGBT and heterosexual parents, there was barely a difference in “advantage” of children with different-sex parents. However,the same research suggested that kids raised by same-sex parents tended to be more tolerant and open-minded.


Are the kids teased?

Children in schools tend to make fun of each other and bullying is sometimes a serious issue as well. No matter if kids are beautiful , overweight, wear glasses or have good grades – they may all be teased at some point. Kids with LGBT parents might experience the same issue with children making fun of their parents. Sooner or later, when teasing kids grow up, they become less judgemental and get a better understanding of the world around them. Basically, problem is not having the same-sex parents but rather the environment and the stage of life, when kids feel free to expose their mixed feelings about everything and cover it by mockery.


Sceptics consider that roles of mother and a father are completely different. Mothers are more friendly,playful and caring. Father’s role is mostly connected with discipline. However, after observing LGBT parents, studies suggest that parenthood increases stress among couples. Biological parent tends to be more care-giving and responsible in comparison to the second parent, who is more oriented on father-like aspects of parenthood. Gradually all of the inequities found between different-sex parents become reflected in same-sex couples as well.


Based on the facts, same-sex parents are indeed doing as well as heterosexual ones. The widespread belief that states the opposite is based upon a mere prejudice. In reality, LGBT parenthood is full with love and responsibilities.


Reasons of Using an Egg Donor

How should parents know if it is time to start thinking about finding an egg donor? What if it is too early or what if donation is not needed at all? We will try to figure it out.


First of all, we have to mention that egg donation has become really successful. Procedures that use fresh embryo (! not frozen) have the likelihood of 43% to result in pregnancy.  A number of couples that want to expend their families have now the possibility to do so.


Situations vary. Females may experience fertility issues of several kinds. It is advisable to use an egg donor, when :


  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) level is high

In females, FSH helps to regulate menstrual cycle and produce eggs by ovaries.  Doctors measure the amount of the hormone in a blood sample. High level of FSH may mean the loss of ovarian function, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, chromosomal abnormality or the inability of the body to produce good quality eggs for fertilization.


  • Luteinizing hormone (LH) level is high

Similar to FSH, LH hormone regulates menstrual cycle and egg production. Doctors measure its amount in a blood or urine sample. Normally, levels of LH and FSH are rising and lowering simultaneously.  High levels of luteinizing hormone may also mean ovarian failure.


  • Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) level is low

AMH is a substance produced by egg sacs, containing immature eggs. Blood test will reflect the remaining egg supply of a female. If the hormone level is low, the ovarian reserve is low accordingly.


  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is a condition when female hormones are out of balance. We have already discussed this issue and you can read more about polycystic ovary syndrome on our blog.


  • Females are over 40

As we have already mentioned several times, age plays one of the major roles in infertility. Females in their 40s usually have high FSH and LH hormone levels, as well as low AMH level. With age, body’s reproductive system is becoming less functional. Females over 43 years tend to use egg donors for better outcomes. Ageing of Europe is also a demographic phenomenon and is characterised by a decrease in fertility. Many couples avoid creating/expanding families until they are 40. Consequently, their chances of reproduction without assistance are decreasing significantly. Same applies for the USA.


  • Females have menopause

Menopause is a normal, biological process for females in their 40s or 50s. However, it stops menstrual period permanently and so does it end fertility.


  • Mother may transmit a genetic disease

Many couples prefer to use an egg donor in order to prevent transmitting genetic disease to a child.


  • Several IVF attempts have failed

As we already said, in vitro fertilization is a process of fertilizing egg with sperm outside the body, in a laboratory dish. After couples have experienced 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts and doctors think the egg quality is poor, then it’s better to consider finding a donor.


Egg donation is used widely by LGBT couples. Same sex male couples from all around the world as using the donation  procedure to expend their families and become parents.


If couples experience above mentioned issues and doctors have already advised to think about donation, then they got a reasonable motive to do so. However, with the right agency and professionals, there is nothing to worry about 🙂