ABC of Surrogacy

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January 2017

ABC of Surrogacy


To start with a bare definition, surrogacy is a process when a surrogate mother carries and delivers a child for intended parents. It may seem complicated and unclear at first , but we are going to break the process into pieces.

What we already know is that there is a surrogate mother, a female, who with the help of medical procedures is intended to get pregnant and deliver child to biological parent(s). The process is called surrogacy and may be achieved in more than one ways.

Gestational surrogacy is the process that uses the technique called “in vitro fertilization”(IVF) to impregnant the surrogate. It is as simple as that – Eggs from mother are fertilized with the sperm of father and later transferred in surrogate mother for development and delivery. You may find this simple scheme easier to comprehend :


Mother’s eggs X Father’s sperm ⇒ Surrogate mother


Child does not inherit genetics from the surrogate mother and does not develop any kind of attachment towards her. Surrogate mother does not offer anything but  the environment for embryo to grow and develop until ready for birth. This technique comes in handy when biological mother does not have fertility issues but because of other medical problems, she is not able to carry a child herself.

It is also possible to gather eggs from a donor, fertilize them with sperm of a father and place them in surrogate mother’s uterus. This technique is a perfect solution for LGBT parents, single males or traditional couples, in which females due to medical issues are not able to become biological mothers. You can read about donation on our blog here


Donor’s eggs X Father’s sperm ⇒ Surrogate mother


These and many other combinations have made parenthood possible for hundreds and thousands of people who could not adopt a child or could not make it themselves because of fertility problems.

If you are considering surrogacy as an option, there are a number of agencies that provide service from the very beginning until the end. Terms of service may vary , but usually a surrogacy agency is responsible for :


  • Finding  and choosing an appropriate surrogate mother
  • Connecting parents and surrogate to the clinic where they receive all of the essential medical procedures
  • Supervise the health care of the surrogate and collect her medical transcripts from clinic on regular basis
  • Planning the birth
  • Planning the trip if needed (Surrogate and parent(s) may reside in different countries)
  • Ensuring that child continues life with parents without any complications


If you are not able to find the service in every country, do not be surprised. A lot of legal processes are included that vary from place to place. For that reason you may need to travel to a foreign country and the agency will help you to arrange the trips as well.



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