Surrogacy in Kenya for Gay Parents

Kenya is one of the most popular and cost effective options for LGBT, heterosexual, married and single parents.  Legislation in neither promoting, nor banning surrogacy, meaning that it is not regulated by the law. However,  a number of professional clinics and agencies are offering effective treatments and  gay parents are wholeheartedly welcome.  If you are considering Kenya as a surrogacy destination, you can inform yourself about legislation, service and other details here.


Lately there has been a discussion about how much gay friendly Kenyan society actually is. A lot of sources reinforce the idea that same-sex couples, in general, are strictly discriminated and prejudiced in Kenya. They also suggest to keep sexual orientation discrete not only from the society, but from the fertility clinics as well. The advice is mostly based upon the fact that a lot of religious leaders are quite skeptical about same-sex relationships, not to tell anything about their parenthood rights.


Hiding sexual orientation, not being honest with health care provider on such an important journey is definitely not something gay parents will choose. Why is Kenya such a popular destination then? Why are gay parents having successful results? Why do patients have positive experiences with their clinics? – Just because the spread information and belief is misleading.



Nairobi , the capital city of Kenya,  is developed and modern – even closer to European cities than some cities in Southeast Asia. Travelling there is safe and a pleasant experience. Parents can even combine their visit with unforgettable safari holidays. Tourism is an important sector for Kenya’s economy . Society and doctors too, are usually very welcoming towards tourists, including LGBT couples.  It would not be professional if doctors discriminated their patients based on their private lives. What about branches of international and professional surrogacy agencies? Would they send patients to clinics where they will not get treated or will be prejudiced? It simply can not be in their interest.


All around the globe, we encounter members of the society that are accepting, fighting or feeling neutral about every single subject. Attitude towards gay parents, like everything else, is disputable too. Stopping random people, asking for their opinion and  inspecting the actual reality are two different things. One should make reasonable assumptions based on experiences and outcomes of others. A good surrogacy agency will not refuse to clarify the issue parents are concerned about – may it be past experiences, statistics or concretely the attitude towards gay parents.


Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya has become a very actual topic in the field of fertility. Branches of professional surrogacy agencies are operating with amazing success rate in the capital city – Nairobi. We will introduce some important details about surrogacy in Kenya and figure out why or whether it is a practical destination choice.



Surrogacy in Kenya is not regulated by the law. This means that there is no act that either restricts or supports intended parents. Lack of regulations allow surrogacy agencies to act more flexibly and adjust their actions to individual needs of each patient.  Single, married and LGBT parents are all welcome  by agencies and clinics in Kenya.

Parents do not have to worry that absence of law will complicate the process of getting the birth certificate. While it is fairly simple in countries where surrogacy is legal( e.g: Ukraine,Georgia) , in Kenya parents have to go through an additional procedure. The surrogate mother signs the affidavit  relinquishing all her rights and gives custody to the genetic father. However, this is not problematic. Surrogate mothers are not likely at all to keep the child. They are providing a great help to infertile couples, but at the same time their motivation behind this action is their monetary interest. They have to improve lives of them and their families. For that reason, they will no doubt give parenthood to intended parents.


Quality of Service

Recently  there has been a lot of changes in the field of surrogacy worldwide. A lot countries, including India, banned it. We can say that this fact turned out somewhat advantageous for Kenya.  Indian doctors, who used to be successful when surrogacy was legal in India, are now owners of clinics in Nairobi. Thanks to professionalism of these doctors, parents do not have to worry about success rate and quality. Same applies to maternity hospitals. Of course IVF clinics are well equipped and enjoy well deserved good reputation. The last but not least, as we have already mentioned in the beginning, professional and experienced surrogacy agencies now offer their service in Kenya as well – most of them having  huge egg donor databases. Everything for the most affordable prices.


Nairobi , the capital city of Kenya,  is developed and modern – even closer to European cities than some cities in Southeast Asia. Travelling there is safe and a pleasant experience. Parents can even combine their visit with unforgettable safari holidays.


From everything we listed, we can now sum up the information.


  • Service is available to single and gay parents
  • Quality of service  and success rate are high
  • City is safe, modern and developed
  • Prices are realistic and affordable


  • Intended parents need consent of a surrogate mother


Verdict:  Summarizing all pros and cons, we can tell that Kenya is an attractive option to consider. While parents may have some doubts about adoption procedure, surrogacy agencies are responsible for guaranteeing in advance that there will be no problems with the surrogate mother(that is what professional agencies do). Kenya is also one of the most cost effective options not to mention that lately we have faced  lack of destinations for single and gay parents.