Surrogacy – Possible Financial Risks

When thinking about surrogacy and choosing destinations for either  heterosexual or LGBT parents, it is essential to mention financial factors. For example in the USA and Canada, prices are considerably higher than in Ukraine, Georgia or Mexico. However, it does not matter which destination intended parent(s) will choose – affordable or expensive. The amount to be paid is not small in any case and there are several financial risks to be aware of in advance.


What we are going to write about will not happen inevitably and patients will not necessarily face financial issues. It is just our great desire to prepare our readers for any kind of outcomes. For that reason, we have to discuss the worst case scenario and be sure, that future parents are well prepared psychologically and financially for any unforeseen complications. Imagine following cases:


Case no.1

In vitro fertilization attempt is successful on the very first time. Procedure leads to pregnancy and no additional finances for IVF are needed.


Case no.2

First IVF attempt did not appear to be successful and there is a chance that patients are going to need several more. Parents might have to pay for 4 or 5 procedures until the results are finally successful.


Case no.3

First IVF attempt did not succeed and patients need to try further. They have already purchased guaranteed surrogacy packages offered by the agency and they do not have to pay anything additionally. Clinic however, will continue doing IVF procedures until the results are successful.


Case no.2 has the potential to require a lot of finances and is a possible threat to the surrogacy process. If parents run out of financial resources and are not able to proceed any further, they will have to quit the program until they collect sufficient amount of funds. There is indeed no guarantee that IVF will be successful on the first try and some intended parents need much more than that. The best way to avoid unpleasant surprises is to be financially ready for about 5 IVF attempts. Parents should always have a solid financial backup for unforeseen situations.


When talking about best practices, case no.3 would be a perfect example. A lot of agencies are offering so called guaranteed surrogacy packages. This means that initially, parents pay somewhat higher fee for the package. In case of failures, further IVF attempts are already included in the package and until success, clinic performs further attempts absolutely free of charge.


Patients may not want to purchase the guaranteed surrogacy package for some personal reason and prefer to rely on extra funds that will be put off for unpredicted circumstances. However, readers should definitely take into consideration that the agencies, which offer guarantee packages are usually more organized and have a higher success rate in comparison to ones that do not.