Surrogacy Destinations for Heterosexual Couples



February 2017

Surrogacy Destinations for Heterosexual Couples

It happens that surrogacy programs are sometimes the only option left for people with fertility issues. Unfortunately, it is not available at any place, as surrogacy is banned in many countries. Today, we are going to orientate on surrogacy destinations for heterosexual couples. As promised, we are not going to use a bunch of possibly complicated words without definitions , so, heterosexual couple simply means a couple of male and a female partner. You may refer to them as traditional, straight and etc.


We will briefly introduce surrogacy in the following countries : Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. They are considered to be in the list of the most appropriate options, because surrogacy there is legal and regulated by the law.


We have emphasized legality, because as you may have already read here, surrogacy programs are also offered in countries, where it is not regulated by any kind of law. It’s not legal or illegal. As for married couples, it is recommended to find agencies in Ukraine, Georgia and Russia , because such processes as citizenship registration for babies, are significantly easier.


Surrogacy in Ukraine


In Ukraine, surrogacy is only legal if intended parents (IPs) are married. Additionally, they have to provide a confirmation from a doctor that using a surrogate mother is reasonable and essential in their case. However, Ukraine is a remarkable destination due to medical standards. Legislation has enabled parents to be the only legal parents of their newborn. Due to regulations by law,  it’s relatively easy to get a birth certificate for a child and leave the country in a short period of time. Surrogate mothers are not allowed to be genetically connected to the baby, so they can not become egg donors.


Surrogacy in Georgia


Surrogacy in Georgia has been regulated since 1997 and couples from different parts of the world have travelled there to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Similar to Ukraine, Georgia accepts only legally married couples for surrogacy programs and it is fairly simple to collect all of the needed documents. Birth certificates do not include any kind of information about surrogate mother or egg donor.  Surrogate mothers can not become egg donors at the same time. Georgia is known for high success rate in IVF fertilization as well as professional agencies and clinics.


Surrogacy in Russia


In Russia, intended parents don’t have to be married, single parents are welcome too. Prices are affordable and surrogacy agencies are doing everything to deliver the best results. However, according to the Family Code of Russia, surrogate mother, even if she doesn’t have any genetic link to the baby, is allowed to reject intended parents and refuse to give “her” child for adoption. There have been several court cases in Russia around the issue, so, if possible, IP(s) should require additional guarantees from the surrogacy agencies.


It is essential to be familiar with specifications and regulations before choosing a suitable destination and we recommend future parents to inform themselves as much as possible.



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