Surrogacy Destinations where Gay Parents are most Welcome

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March 2017

Surrogacy Destinations where Gay Parents are most Welcome

Surrogacy legislation is the matter of constant change. For intended parents, there are a lot of attractive destinations. However, when it comes to choosing one, the process doesn’t seem as simple anymore. Unfortunately, surrogacy destinations are more limited for LGBT parents. We would like to present places, where gay parents are most welcome to complete their journey to parenthood.


The United States

Surrogacy in the United States varies from state to state. In one country, there are places where surrogacy either is banned, not regulated or accepted. Additionally in some states surrogacy is accepted for heterosexual or/and married couples only. However, luckily, there are states where gay parents are wholeheartedly welcome too. Currently, the most surrogacy, as well as same-sex friendly state is sunny California.

Unfortunately, surrogacy costs in the USA may fall in between the price range of 100 000 – 200 000 USD. For that reason, it is not an affordable option for many parents.



Similar to the United States, Mexico consists of several states and each has it’s own legislation. A number agencies in Mexico are leading surrogacy programs successfully and  are happy to treat patients independent from their sexual orientation. Mostly, they are operating in Cancun and Mexico City. Surrogacy there, is not regulated by the law and is neither legal, nor illegal.

Cancun is definitely a dreamy destination for vacation and for investors accordingly. Due to the increasing number of clinics and foreign investments, compared to the  past 3 years the success rate of In Vitro Clinics has grown significantly. Surrogacy prices in Mexico are significantly lower than in the USA.



Gay parents have been friendly welcomed in southeast asian countries. Not a long ago, surrogacy was banned in most popular destinations – Cambodia and Thailand. However, southeast Asia is not losing the status of cost effective and same-sex friendly surrogacy destination.  Lately, Laos has emerged as a popular surrogacy destination and is likely to substitute Cambodia and Thailand.  A lot of professional doctors have already moved to Laos from neighbouring countries and continue their successful fertility treatments there. 



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