Anonymous or Known Egg Donor



January 2017

Anonymous or Known Egg Donor

Choosing an egg donor is somewhat a complex process that includes a lot of details to be aware of. Before we dive deep into the matter, we should discuss two ways of choosing a donor- anonymous and known. After reading the post you will be able to distinguish between both methods and choose your preferred one.


Whether the donation happens anonymously depends on the country itself. In some countries  donation is only legal when it is anonymous. It might be even your priority to keep the donor unknown for several reasons – you are not going to tell your child about her and in seek of privacy you do not want the donor to know about you either. Your only concern is that the child won’t experience hereditary mental or physical issues. Of course you will collect all important data about your anonymous egg donor to assure that her health and genetics allow her to be a suitable candidate. However your knowledge or “relationship” is not going further than the description lines.


You might like to choose the country that offers known egg donation in terms of flexibility. In these countries you can ask the agency to arrange meeting with the egg donor and discuss whatever you like with her. She may know exactly who she is donating to and you may even want to show your child her photos someday. However choosing a  known egg donor does not necessarily mean that you have to meet her or keep the relationship of any kind. Some customers like to keep in touch with their egg donors. Some do not even want the donor to know their identity which is completely normal. Parents can regulate relationship with donors based on their views, concerns, plans and control which details they need to be getting about them.


However, parents should take into consideration that choosing a known egg donor certainly has its privileges in terms of clarity. First of all, people are commonly mistaken by photos or mere descriptions. Donor might look completely different in person and may display manners and traits you would completely dislike your child to inherit. Additionally it is still more complicated to control the process that includes anonymous person in it. The agency might be highly qualified and professional but keep in mind that it is possible to slightly alter the data of a strange person. This kind of manipulation may not be the case at all, but a lot of parents prefer to dig into as much details as possible.


 On the other hand, a lot of customers fear of developing emotional bond with their egg donors and prefer to protect their privacy. They have the solid reason to completely trust the information provided by the agency and have no interest to  surround themselves with extra details.


It a matter of personal choice whether parents prefer anonymous or known egg donation. Either way works and finally has the perspective to lead to the desirable results. Now that you have hopefully understood ways to choose an egg donor, you can make decision upon your personal preferences.


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