LGBT Parenthood

While there are a lot of people doubting LGBT couples’ ability to provide good parenthood, studies reveal that they are completely wrong. What really matters for children is attention, friendly relationship with parents and the opportunities they provide. Children’s needs go far beyond the sexual orientation of parents. For that reason, LGBT parenthood has the potential to be as successful, as any other one.


Psychologists lead a number of researches on gay and lesbian parenting. Studies suggest that LGBT couples are very motivated, excited and committed parents. Reason behind such a thrilled attitude and involvement is that they never become parents by accident -sometimes unlike  the situation with heterosexual parents. While many couples fight selflessly with infertility, it happens that  pregnancy may be accidental and unforeseen process for some different-sex couples. Same-sex couples plan parenting in advance, consider all possible options and destinations to fulfill their dream.


When researchers compared academic success and mental health of children with LGBT and heterosexual parents, there was barely a difference in “advantage” of children with different-sex parents. However,the same research suggested that kids raised by same-sex parents tended to be more tolerant and open-minded.


Are the kids teased?

Children in schools tend to make fun of each other and bullying is sometimes a serious issue as well. No matter if kids are beautiful , overweight, wear glasses or have good grades – they may all be teased at some point. Kids with LGBT parents might experience the same issue with children making fun of their parents. Sooner or later, when teasing kids grow up, they become less judgemental and get a better understanding of the world around them. Basically, problem is not having the same-sex parents but rather the environment and the stage of life, when kids feel free to expose their mixed feelings about everything and cover it by mockery.


Sceptics consider that roles of mother and a father are completely different. Mothers are more friendly,playful and caring. Father’s role is mostly connected with discipline. However, after observing LGBT parents, studies suggest that parenthood increases stress among couples. Biological parent tends to be more care-giving and responsible in comparison to the second parent, who is more oriented on father-like aspects of parenthood. Gradually all of the inequities found between different-sex parents become reflected in same-sex couples as well.


Based on the facts, same-sex parents are indeed doing as well as heterosexual ones. The widespread belief that states the opposite is based upon a mere prejudice. In reality, LGBT parenthood is full with love and responsibilities.


LGBT Parents and Surrogacy

Parenthood is a sensitive issue for LGBT people worldwide. Doesn’t matter in couple or single, people representing non traditional sexual orientation often have to face the obstacles that would otherwise not be present at all. Before the increasing popularity of surrogacy, couples of the same sex were struggling to adopt a child. Nowadays, it is possible for them to have biological children as well, but the journey towards parenthood may turn out complicated if parents are not informed appropriately.

Law that regulates parenthood rights for LGBT couples is different in every country and may restrict adoption or surrogacy. For that reason surrogacy agencies simply have no other option and offer their service only to people with traditional sexual orientation. On the other hand, there are countries where LGBT people are not limited by the law, but agencies still refuse to assist them  because of their terms and policies.

Despite a number of possible difficulties, there are a lot of agencies that wholeheartedly welcome LGBT parents in countries, where the whole process is lead legally, without any complications or restrictions. These surrogacy agencies do not discriminate people and divide them into majority and minority. They fully acknowledge that children there are raised in loving atmosphere and reliable hands.Throughout our blog, we will be gradually discussing as much options as possible for LGBT parents to experience the joy of parenthood and achieve this with ease.