In case you were looking for the place to inform yourself about the field of fertility, you have found the right one. You are more than welcome to read about common issues and solutions based on years of experience and observation. Providing our readers with up to date information and profound insight, we will be gradually walking them through the world of fertility problems and best practices. You can refer to our blog as to the ABC book of global fertility solutions. As for the beginning we will introduce some of the aspects we will be oriented on:


No more complicated terms                                                                                                
Just because medical terminology is way too complex for a mundane person to understand, we will be focusing on providing brief and comprehensible definitions with every specific term, abbreviation and acronym. This way, readers will be able to gain solid understanding of the topic without being confused.


Understanding the problem

Identifying the problem itself is already the half work done. It is always a common obstacle to figure out the type, strength and the specification of the issue we are facing. We are all different individuals and so are our cases. Discussing as much aspects as possible, readers will be able to spot and relate to their very own situations.


Means of solution

Every door can be opened with the right key at hand. Nowadays there are plenty of institutions worldwide claiming to be solving fertility issues. Our aim is to review and discuss the service offered by a number of clinics and companies to help our reader choose the most efficient, professional and suitable one.


Tips and Tricks

Just because no institution is perfect and not everyone can be trusted, there is always the need to know what to expect and how to be sure that the company will live up to our expectations. Our blog will be offering best practices, tips and tricks that will help you to collaborate effectively with your agency. We will be reviewing the process inside and out including travelling, financing, medical as well as legal aspects.


We are happy to provide guidance and hints for all people in need of consultation and information. Our aim is to help our readers find right directions and make right decisions while choosing or collaborating with their agencies. We are enthusiastic to contribute to solving fertility issues of our followers.